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About the company

The company called PLASTEX s.r.o. is a private family company which was founded in 1995 following a twenty-year tradition of plastic material injection.

The main subject of our activities lies in the process of the injection of technical components, including their subsequent completion and assembly. We offer our customers these mouldings with high quality and accuracy, supported especially by high-end machinery and technological equipment operated by trained and experienced personnel with years of practical experience.
Our services are used by companies in the electrical, automotive and consumer goods industries.

We significantly expanded our company in the year 2005 by buying the neighbouring industrial building. This is how we more than doubled our manufacturing, assembly, and, especially, storage capacities.

We currently employ approximately 30 persons and we are able to increase the number with our investment.

Our simple direct control system without unnecessary administration allows us to make our goal true: to be the most flexible company in all aspects – cost, flexibility of production and logistics. We are proud of our simple business principles: grace, readiness, reliability, diligence and loyalty to customers, which applies to all the company's employees without exception.

More than 75% of the profit generated annually comes back to the company in the form of investments:

  • We invest continuously in the latest technologies.
  • Since the year 2005, when we bought the neighbouring industrial building, we have been implementing its preparation for full-value use as a manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and administrative facility.
  • We think our strength lies in our high-quality spaces intended for assembly work, with which we have long experience. And even those spaces were recently renovated too.


  • Completed storage and dispatch hall which is directly connected to the main pressing facility
  • The purchase of a new machine with a robot, using subsidies from the EU, and also the purchase of another machine paid for by our own funds.
  • Scheduled introduction of the company's information system focusing on the management of production orders and the management of machines and moulds.
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We work with thermoplastics (polyolephine and technical ones) and thermo-sets (duroplast bakelite composite thermosetting plastics, both phenolic and melamine).

Our services

Our services

We provide design and installation work (follow-up and comprehensive ones), the production of moulds, single-purpose and final cooling products and their testing.



Our main industry branch primarily includes products intended for the automotive industry and for the electro-technical industry.