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Technologically, we choose the best that the market has to offer. Engel offers the perfect solution for all areas of injection technology in conjunction with the constant pursuit of absolute precision. The columnless concept offers the ideal solution for turning creative ideas into specific products.

The standard equipment of our machines traditionally includes:

  • clamping plates with vertical and horizontal magnification
  • a columnless clamping unit in combination with extended platens allows us to access bulky forms and thus offers maximum-performance machines

Our press shop is equipped with twelve injection presses from the Austrian brand ENGEL, with a clamping force from 25 to 220 tons.

Machinery equipment with a clear industry-leading focus, injection molding machines from the Austrian company ENGEL with sophisticated software solutions for quality and control of the production process, perfect technical and service facilities, built system of training of injection molding engineers at all levels in its own training center in Prague. For example, their patented columnless construction allows us to change quickly even in large molds.

Enumeration of Types:


Websites of our main suppliers of machinery, equipment and services:

ENGEL               www.engelglobal.com
BRATEX             www.bratex.cz
WITTMAN         www.wittmann-group.com/
SPECTRA           www.spectrachemie.cz/
HANSAFLEX     www.hansaflex.cz
EUROIMPEX     www.euroimpex.cz
RECOMA           www.recoma.cz

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We work with thermoplastics (polyolephine and technical ones) and thermo-sets (duroplast bakelite composite thermosetting plastics, both phenolic and melamine).

Our services

Our services

We provide design and installation work (follow-up and comprehensive ones), the production of moulds, single-purpose and final cooling products and their testing.



Our main industry branch primarily includes products intended for the automotive industry and for the electro-technical industry.