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About the company

PLASTEX s.r.o. is a family company, founded in 1995 and boasting a 20-year tradition of injection molding.

Our main business is the production of injection molding of technical parts We offer these moldings to our customers in high quality and precision, guaranteed mainly by high-end machinery and technological equipment, managed by highly trained personnel with years of experience.
Our services are used by companies from the electrical, automotive, construction and consumer goods industries.

We currently employ approximately 30 specialists, and have 800 m2 of production spaces and 2,700 m2 of warehouse facilities.

Simple direct management without unnecessary administration overheads allows us to pursue our goal: to be extremely flexible in all dimensions – price, efficiency of production and logistics. We pride ourselves on simple business principles: decency, willingness, reliability, diligence and loyalty to the customer and to all company employees, without exception.

Each year more than 75% of the production profits are returned to the company by investing in new machinery and technological equipment, including manufacturing robotics.

Latest implementations/our plans:

  • 2022, 2023 - project and implementation of own 630 kVA substation with transition to HV, project and implementation of 108 kWp PV plant, ENGEL IT structure for online production monitoring
  • 2020, 2021 - reconstruction of the warehouse building, purchase of 3 new presses: ENGEL EVC 740/180 with VIPER6 robot, ENGEL EVC 440/120 with VIPER6 robot and ENGEL E-MAC 265/100 with PIC A manipulator
  • 2019 – construction of a new mill, including central distribution of the granulate, a two-circuit cooling system with multilevel filtration of cooling water, moving traffic and reconstruction of the original manufacturing space, implementing the ENGEL VC 1050/220 TECH robotics system.
  • 2018 – acquisition of a new machine: ENGEL VC 860/160 SPEX robot, completion of a warehouse for packaging and materials
  • 2016 – expansion of storage space by renting external storage (400 m2)
  • 2015 – implementation of a comprehensive corporate information system, OR SYSTEM, focused on management of production orders and management of machinery and molds
  • 2014 – acquisition of additional machines: ENGEL EVC 440/120 (hybrid) with an ENGEL EVC 170/50 (hybrid) robotic system, as well as peripheral technological equipment
  • 2013 – completion of a storage and dispatch hall, directly connected to the main mill
  • 2012 – purchase of a new machine: ENGEL 1050/220 with robotic technology and peripherals
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We work with thermoplastics (polyolephine and technical ones) and thermo-sets (duroplast bakelite composite thermosetting plastics, both phenolic and melamine).

Our services

Our services

We provide design and installation work (follow-up and comprehensive ones), the production of moulds, single-purpose and final cooling products and their testing.



Our main industry branch primarily includes products intended for the automotive industry and for the electro-technical industry.